Once a customer purchases Aapdu Bazaar Coupon Booklet, we are liable for giving a refund in the form of Aapdu Bazaar Credits worth the amount of the Coupon (for example, 500 Rs coupon ~ 500 credits) if the customer is not served the said/mentioned offer at more than five places. The refund policy for coupons other than those inside Aapdu Bazaar Coupon Booklet, the liability lies with respective vendors and we are not accountable for any refunds.



Once a customer buys any coupon, be it the Aapdu Bazaar Coupon booklet or individual offers from vendors, the order can’t be canceled. We are not accountable for refunding any money for such grievances in which customers change their minds and no longer wish to use the coupon. We are not liable to provide any Aapdu Bazaar credits in the wallet in such cases.